Hawk Koch

HAWK TALKS: Keynote Speaker

Now on the speaking circuit, Hawk delivers insight into his leadership strategy and philosophy, punctuated with incredible personal stories involving Hollywood's A-listers. Audiences are as captivated by Hawk's front row experience to the movie industry as they are by his humor, warmth, and approachability. He has a talent for speaking about his extraordinary life in a way that has universal appeal.
Hawk has given talks at the SAG/AFTRA Foundation Robin Williams Theatre with Dame Helen Mirren, the Talks at Google series, Pixar Animation Studios, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and the Union Club of Chicago. In addition to delivering the commencement address at Chapman University (2013), Hawk has addressed faculty and students at Northwestern University, UCLA, USC, Columbia University, Pace University, The New School, and Temple University. In addition to his keynote speeches at the Sarajevo Film Festival, the South Dakota Film Festival, and the Berlin Film Festival, Hawk has given one-on-one talks with Francis Coppola (LA, 2014), Tom Cruise (LA, 2013), and Jake Gyllenhaal (NYC, 2014) at the Produced By Conference and was a keynote speaker at the Beijing Film Festival (2018).


“Everybody enjoys being with Hawk. The Oscars do, his friends all across the movie industry do, and you will too when you meet him.”

- Adam Aron

CEO and President of AMC Entertainment
“He knows how to hold a room.”

- Jerry Zucker

Writer/Director/Producer (“Airplane!” “The Naked Gun” “Ghost” “My Best Friend’s Wedding” “Rat Race”)
“Hawk connects with everyone with authenticity.”

- Jim Morris

President, Pixar Animation Studios
“Natural skill in guiding the conversation to be informative, yet always entertaining”

- Vance Van Petten

National Executive Director/COO of the Producers Guild of America and author of the 2007 book, Ten Minutes to the Speech.
“His speeches are funny and fun, and tremendously moving, inspirational and thought provoking.”

- Callie Schweitzer

CEO of The Callie Co., former media executive at TIME, Vox Media, Thrive Global
“The most enjoyable 'cinematic' experience I’ve ever had is hearing him speak!"

- Lee Wittlinger

Managing Director at Silver Lake
“Hawk is as much an everyman as he is a major ‘player’ in the historic Hollywood story.”

- Ken Scherer

Former CEO of the Motion Picture & Television Foundation (MPTF)
“We could only wish to have more Hawks in the world to entertain and inspire us!"

- Bob Beitcher

President & CEO of the Motion Picture & Television Fund
“Both hilarious and informative."

- Jack Lechner

Columbia University, Associate Professor of Professional Practice, Film
“I would recommend Hawk as a guest speaker to anyone interested in film production or any other form of storytelling."

- George Saad

Director of Student Leadership and Involvement, The New School.
“It was wonderful to hear from someone so willing to engage with students.”

- Abigael Hyberger

student of The New School

Past Talks

Some themes of a 'Hawk Talk' are: