Hawk Koch

“He knows how to hold a room.”

- Jerry Zucker

Writer/Director/Producer (“Airplane!” “The Naked Gun” “Ghost” “My Best Friend’s Wedding” “Rat Race”)
“Hawk Koch has lived an incredibly full life, filled with hundreds of extraordinary stories, any one of which could be the most amazing thing that ever happen to a normal person. With his very much larger than life personality, Hawk conveys his life’s work in a way that makes you feel like it’s happening right now; that you were in the room when it happened. But that’s only half of it. Somehow, he manages to weave all these fascinating pieces of his life into a whole — a complete thematic story that stays with you long after he’s finished. Hawk is more than a great storyteller, he’s a great teacher. I’ve been fortunate enough to hear him speak at both intimate dinner parties and in front of large audiences. Hawk doesn’t need a bell or a microphone to get people’s attention. He knows how to hold a room. And like a great film, it’s the thing everyone will be talking about the next day.”