Hawk Koch

“Hawk is as much an everyman as he is a major ‘player’ in the historic Hollywood story.”

- Ken Scherer

Former CEO of the Motion Picture & Television Foundation (MPTF)
“Hawk Koch is a great storyteller! Not only stories of his own incredible journey, but with equal passion and energy the stories of aHollywood family both is own and the extended family of Hollywood moguls, movie stars and the stories behind the stories. I had the great honor of being with Hawk when, as a Board member of MPTF, he was asked to meet with the three (3) creative guilds of the film/TV industry to explain the difficult decision to close the MPTF hospital. Since I was there as CEO of the MPTF Foundation, Hawk received a little less hostility than I did but not by much. I watched him disarm the various leadership Boards of the Actors (SAG/AFTRA), Directors (DGA) and Writers (WGA) guilds partly because he is “one of them” and mostly because his remarks were honest, genuine, truthful and filled with the same anguish they were experiencing. He related to them in a way that at the very least they were willing to listen and try to hear the truth of the matter and not the noise of the hysteria around it. I saw for myself his ability, frankly his gift, to engage an audience even in a hostile setting and I have since watched him under friendlier circumstances move an audience with his wit and knowledge of show business. Hawk’s is a story that people can relate to with his successes, his disappointments, his mistakes and his self-discovery. These passages of life are not exclusive to someone who chose to produce movies, lead the Producer’s Guild or get elected to be President of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences (AMPAS). Hawk is as much an everyman as he a major “player” in the historic Hollywood story. It is this part of him that makes him such an effective communicator to all. Audiences need to hear voices of hope and inspiration that tell honest stories and Hawk Koch is one of those voices.”