Hawk Koch

“The most enjoyable 'cinematic' experience I’ve ever had is hearing him speak!”

- Lee Wittlinger

Managing Director at Silver Lake
“Hawk has few peers in his rich perspective on Hollywood: his body of work -- both in terms of the countless iconic films he’s produced and the leadership roles he’s held in the entertainment industry -- is remarkable. He’s an equally larger-than-life personality and dynamic storyteller. The most enjoyable “cinematic” experience I’ve ever had is hearing him speak! It certainly helps that the content includes extraordinary tales involving the most celebrated movie stars, directors and entertainment executives in history. But it’s not just unbelievable anecdotes masterfully told, it’s his life’s journey, obstacles creatively overcome and the resulting success that are so compelling. His ability to navigate unpredictable circumstances and demonstrated leadership are as relevant to an aspiring movie producer as they are to any start-up exec or established business leader. I’ve seen Hawk share his wisdom in corporate board rooms, at more intimate gatherings and in front of large audiences. It’s an Oscar-worthy performance in all settings!”